Are You Visible to Your Prospective Clients?

If your best or ideal clients don’t know you exist, you are not visible. If they can’t find you when they start looking for someone who offers the services that you provide, you are not visible.

Are you the best kept secret in town?

Click the “Read More” button to learn what it takes if you want prospective clients to know about your services when they are looking to find someone.

Is Your Private Practice Ready for Summer?

For many small businesses, summer means less appointments as clients head for the beach and backyard BBQs, losing focus on your work together as they whirl into summer fun.

A little extra effort on your part can help to keep your clients focused on achieving their goals while enjoying the summer…and keep your appointment calendar full, too.

Get Started Marketing Your Private Practice With These Tools

Private Practice Marketing Roundtable Fresh Ideas and Savvy Strategies for Marketing Your Private Practice Hello [firstname]! We’re glad you have joined us. Most people join the Private Practice Marketing Roundtable (PPMR) because they are looking for ideas to market their business. They want more clients, more referrals and less stress and overwhelm in getting it…

Ask Dianne: How Do We Get More Referrals in Our Private Practice?

Of all the questions I receive on an on-going basis, “how do I get more referrals” has got to be at the top of the list.

Most people approach referrals from their own perspective, one of needing something that the other has (the ability to make a referral), rather than from the viewpoint of the one expected to provide the referral.

Here’s a recent question from a practice with two partners, one of whom wants to host a party to boost referrals…

Looking for Credibility Boosters? Try Using Articles…

Authoritative articles are a great tool for establishing credibility with potential clients. Presented as a White Paper, Special Report or Case Study, your in-depth article is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your grasp of the subject as well as the various solutions or options that are available for addressing the matter. You undoubtedly have a…

Is your Brand Personality Attracting Clients?

The personality of your practice can be attractive and help pull clients in…or it could be a deterrent and push people away. Which is happening with your practice? When your brand personality is aligned with your goals, it’s easier for potential clients to see themselves working with you to resolve their issue. Here are a few tips for getting started…

How to Turn Leads Into Clients – Four Questions That Increase Conversions

Are you making the most of the leads you have?

“I need more referrals” is an oft heard cry of the self-employed professional. What if I said that simply getting more leads isn’t the place to focus?

Making the most of the prospective clients you already have is more effective than blindly seeking new leads. In fact, you may be overlooking great opportunities by focusing solely on new leads.

Here’s four questions to help you make the most of the leads you already have and the ones that are coming your way now…

Remind Me Again What You Do?

Business cards, Moms and success. Yep, sometimes these three items can be a pivot point. Find out where you might want to make changes…and read about the Mom who just didn’t know enough about her son’s work.