Provoke Your Clients – Smart Strategy or Bad Idea?

If clients are hesitating to engage your services, maybe it’s time to revisit your approach.

Come with us as we explore a provocative approach to selling your services in a market where there are still signs of people pulling back from buying.

For key points and suggestions for using it in your practice, read on…

So, What Do Profits Have To Do With Marketing? Funny You Should Ask…

“Profit is the result of the performance of the business in marketing, innovation and productivity. It is the test – the only effective test – of performance.” – Peter Drucker

If you’ve been bringing in enough to keep things going, but not enough to:

1. Fund your retirement at the levels you desire.
2. Build the house you’ve dreamed of having.
3. Effectively promote your business.
4. Or even to take the vacations that you want…

It’s time to back-up and examine what’s missing.

Seven Strategies to Leverage the Recession

Would it surprise you to know that the recession is giving you a golden opportunity for growing your practice?

With so many businesses pulling back on their marketing efforts, that opens the door for tremendous exposure for you on what could be an almost empty playing field.

Here are seven ways you can leverage the recession to your advantage…