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Private Practice Marketing Roundtable Fresh Ideas and Savvy Strategies for Marketing Your Private Practice Hello [firstname]! We’re glad you have joined us. Most people join the Private Practice Marketing Roundtable (PPMR) because they are looking for ideas to market their business. They want more clients, more referrals and less stress and overwhelm in getting it…

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Password Basics: Choosing a Good Password for Online Security

Even with the most secure set-up, your password is a potential weak-point offering entry to anyone who can guess it; including malicious software that is trying to break-in through your account. If you tend to use the same password for everything, you already know that once a hacker has your password for one thing, they…

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This post covers instructions for logging into PPMR. There are two ways to do this and knowing them will make it easy for you to login and enjoy the many articles, resources and tools for marketing your practice.

This article also provides important information about how to update your email address in our systems.

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