Is Your Private Practice Ready for Summer?

For many small businesses, summer means less appointments as clients head for the beach and backyard BBQs, losing focus on your work together as they whirl into summer fun.

A little extra effort on your part can help to keep your clients focused on achieving their goals while enjoying the summer…and keep your appointment calendar full, too.

Part 2 – Is Your Practice Ready for Summer?

(Continued from Part 1)

Your client’s desire for summer fun can translate into missed or cancelled appointments if you don’t step up and address the topic before it becomes an issue. Addressing your expectations in a direct fashion has more advantages than simply hoping clients will keep their appointments. Follow these tips to get started…

Part 3 – Summer Pitfalls – Ramp Up Your Marketing

Clients focused on summer fun is one challenge, but it’s not the only one. Equally important is another pitfall, and that’s the challenge of getting NEW clients interested in engaging your services when vacation, outdoor activities and family visits are high on their list of priorities…

Book Review: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

“Give me five minutes and I can predict your financial future for the rest of your life,” says T. Harv Eker, author of the best-selling book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. How can he make such a bold statement? Let’s take a look at his premise from the book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind… We…

“Revenues Grow, Profits Decline” Huh?

Several years ago, a headline caught my eye that I still remember. It was a story on a widely known company and the headline read “Revenues Grow, Profits Decline”. If you don’t know the difference between revenues and profits – or you don’t understand how something like this could happen, you’ve probably got dollars dribbling out your back door right now…

Check Your Pricing Savvy

Pricing your services is a task many find challenging. If you don’t know your value proposition, you are probably underpricing and leaving huge amounts of money on the table. Copying what your competitors are doing may not be a smart move.

So, What Do Profits Have To Do With Marketing? Funny You Should Ask…

“Profit is the result of the performance of the business in marketing, innovation and productivity. It is the test – the only effective test – of performance.” – Peter Drucker

If you’ve been bringing in enough to keep things going, but not enough to:

1. Fund your retirement at the levels you desire.
2. Build the house you’ve dreamed of having.
3. Effectively promote your business.
4. Or even to take the vacations that you want…

It’s time to back-up and examine what’s missing.