Increase Your Cash Flow in 30 Days

What a difference between today and the financial times just a few years ago. Many are feeling frustration and lack of control over the cash flow in their business. However, things may be better for you than you imagine.

Even if your business is slowing down, chances are you have pockets of forgotten cash lying around, available for the plucking. It has simply not been collected yet. You may even have overlooked it!

Add This One Question When Handling Objections

Handling objections can be difficult if you don’t anticipate them and have responses prepared. But even if you do, you could still be missing an important step. Erase objections with one simple question…(click the title to read the full article)…

The Acid Test – Can You Make It?

If all of a sudden your revenues dropped, can your practice still meet its financial obligations? Also known as the “quick ratio”, this simple calculation tells you how liquid your practice is. Easy to calculate and understand…(click the article title to read the full article)…