Check Your Pricing Savvy

“What business owners don’t know about price would fill a shelf full of books.” says Dan Kennedy, a nationally renowned copywriting expert.

In a recent article, he reviewed five faulty ways business owners attempt to make pricing decisions. Here is one faulty way, quoted directly from the article:

“They make a misguided attempt to compete on price.

If you can’t be THE cheapest, there’s no benefit in being almost the cheapest. Find another way to compete.

A client of mine who consults with the restaurant industry told me about a gourmet pizza take-out and delivery shop that he’s been working with. They’re in a small city, where they compete with 127 other pizzerias. 127! They have the highest prices of all of them, they do no 2-for-1 deals – and yet they doubled their sales and more than doubled their profits last year. Key word: Gourmet.”

What’s your “key word” – your value proposition. How are you distinguishing your practice from all the others?

Find your “gourmet” feature and lead with it!