Creating a “Wow! Practice” – Three Secrets to Success”

Carefully blend three ingredients to create an experience that will have your clients spreading the word about your practice – and returning to experience it again and again.

Like most professionals in private practice, you know all to well that the services you provide are very similar to what your competitors are providing.  If you’ve been using the materials here at The Private Practice Marketing Roundtable, you’ve been working to differentiate yourself.

However, if you are just looking on the surface, it’s hard to find that much difference.

But clients do have a reason for choosing you over your competitors. In this busy world we live in, where everything seems to be “rush n’ go”, a service professional providing that little something extra is a welcome experience, one that clients are glad to return for again – and will gladly boast about to all their friends and associates. And all that sharing can translate into referrals and repeat visits for you!

So, you can differentiate yourself!

Here’s why: Differentiation doesn’t mean that you are doing something that absolutely no one else is doing. It means that you become known for that “something” as no-one else is known.

Remember those old Folgers Coffee ads? They differentiated the coffee as being the “mountain grown”. Would it surprise you to learn that all coffee is mountain grown – that’s the only place it will grow!

So, being “mountain grown” isn’t different from any other coffee – but it is the difference in the consumer’s mind.

What’s the difference in your client’s mind?

Going back to the earlier point about client’s having a reason for choosing you over your competitors, here’s a secret you can effectively employ:

Create a “Wow! Practice”

  • Add Value
  • Be Memorable
  • Celebrate Innovation

Add Value
Simply put, it’s getting more than you pay for, whether real or perceived.

Be Memorable
Do what you do in a special way, do the unexpected, add a surprise.

Celebrate Innovation
You hear it everywhere – think outside of the box. Make some aspect of your service totally different from what’s usual in your industry. Whether technology driven, or simply a new service or a shift in approach, the opportunities for innovation abound. And it’s this innovation that can mark your practice as the place to go for the services you provide.

When done well, adding value, creating a memorable experience and being innovative will overlap, creating an even better experience for your client.

The added bonus for you, in addition to referrals and repeat business, is a staff that is invigorated by the energy created in your practice – and invigorated by all that positive feedback from clients.

On a personal level, the sense of pride, accomplishment, and deeper sense of reward in the work you are doing becomes the norm – all in a day’s work.