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Private Practice Marketing Roundtable

Fresh Ideas and Savvy Strategies for Marketing Your Private Practice

Hello [firstname]! We’re glad you have joined us. Most people join the Private Practice Marketing Roundtable (PPMR) because they are looking for ideas to market their business. They want more clients, more referrals and less stress and overwhelm in getting it done.

Of course the real reason is the end result.

People like you who join PPMR want more time to enjoy life and they want the income streams that will allow them to enjoy life in a bigger way than they are living it now.

If this is your goal, you have come to the right place.

At PPMR, you’ll discover the secrets used by the pro’s to build their practices.

For starters, there are…

Two Things You MUST Know Before You Start Marketing Your Private Practice

Let’s cut to the chase, [firstname]. If you are going to be successful in marketing your practice – meaning that you bring in new clients with the kind of cases you enjoy and paying the fees you deserve – there are two things you must know before you implement any marketing tactics.

If you don’t know these two things, you risk wasting precious time and dollars and you will not create sustainable success with your marketing efforts.

I have covered these two critical components of your marketing plan in an article on this site (you’ll find the link to it in the list below).

But first, you will find it very helpful to start by reading my Special Report: “Private Practice Marketing 101” which you can download below.

Private Practice Marketing 101

This Special Report covers marketing as it relates to your private practice. From it, you will get a basic understanding of marketing and everything that marketing includes. Since I know that most people think marketing is some form of advertising for your business, I strongly recommend that you start here.

[firstname], if you want to have sustainable success with your practice, you must know the components of a successful marketing plan and how they all work together to form the package you present to your clients. It is the foundation for your success.

Getting Started With Your Marketing Plan

  1. Read Private Practice Marketing 101
  2. Develop the two most important components of your marketing planYour “Who” and “What”
    • Specifically identify your ideal or preferred client
    • Get clear on what you offer (make the important distinction between features and benefits)
        * Click the link to read the article for details on these two critical components of your marketing plan – plus a download to help you get started!
  3. Set-up your marketing goals
  4. (use this form)

  5. Establish your marketing budget
  6. (use this form)

  7. Once you complete these steps, you are ready to start designing your marketing strategy and selecting your marketing tactics.

* Please use the contact us form to let me know you have completed these steps.