How Can I Get More Clients From My Website? Part 1

ask-expert31Some people have considered this question and wondered what to do; and others have never considered that their website could be a goldmine of new business.  Whichever camp you’re in, now that I’ve put the question on the table, let’s take a look at answering that question.

Getting more clients from your website becomes easier when you understand how a website can help you grow your business. It’s not simply having a website that makes a difference. It’s having a website that’s doing a particular job – or fulfilling certain purposes – that makes the difference.

In future articles, I’ll go into more detail about what’s needed to get more clients from your website, but for this first article, it’s important to understand a few basics.

How Your Website Can Help You Grow Your Business

When done right, your website:

  • Connects with the reader on an emotional level
  • Delivers a message that resonates with your target market and ideal client
  • Positions you as the expert for what you do
  • Reinforces your credibility
  • Allows people to research you and your services
  • Helps people decide if you have what they want:
    • if you are offering the service they want
    • if working with you will help them achieve their desired outcome
    • if they can have the _____ (you fill-in-the-blank) of their dreams if they work with you.
      • For dentists, that might be:  the smile, the self-confidence, the pain-free life,etc.
      • For therapists, that might be: the relationship, the confidence, the career, the life, etc.

Your website greatly influences your potential client’s decision on whether or not to call you about your services.  That pivotal decision is made “in the moment”, right there on your website. 

In Part 2, I cover what your website needs to be doing in order for it to help bring you new business.

In the meantime, download “The New Client Conversion Path”, my free graphic that describes the path your website visitors travel to become your client.  Having this information is important because at any point along the path, if there is a roadblock or obstacle – including your skill in handling that step – that becomes a place where you may lose the potential client.

Use it to help you fix problems in your process.