Is Patience Missing From Your Sales Close?

Senior Market Advisor ran an article (no author name was provided) with 10 tips for making “the close” (in the sales process) easier. Here’s one tip that is often overlooked but could make a real difference in your close:

Tip number 3:
Be Patient

Don’t pounce on the first buying sign you hear. If your prospect shows an interest, draw it out a bit to strengthen his resolve. If he says that your product shows a lot of potential, ask how it would benefit him most”.

What’s great about this tip is that your question encourages your prospective client to point out the key benefits to himself while at the same time telling you what would make him buy.

With this information you can move forward with confidence. You know the answer to that age-old question “what’s in it for me” – he just told you!

Reinforce his comments, but don’t hard sell. Your prospective client is selling himself. Allow that process to happen, cultivate it. Don’t talk so much that you talk yourself out of the sale.

If you can get your client to see himself already benefiting from your services, closing the sale should be a snap.