Is your Brand Personality Attracting Clients?

Portrait of a group of business people laughing against white baYour practice has a personality.  It’s how it “feels” to your clients when they interact with or think of your practice.   Smart practitioners give thought to the desired personality of their brand and take time to make sure that what they are conveying via their client touch points reflects this personality.
Why is this important?
Because the personality of your practice can be attractive and help pull clients in…or it could be a deterrent and push people away.
Here at the Private Practice Marketing Roundtable, we believe that people make buying decisions based on emotion and then use logic to justify the decision.   That means that your Brand Personality plays a key role in whether or not a potential client is attracted to your practice and will follow-up to become a long-term paying client.
Below are a few examples of Brand Personalities (there are many, many more than these few).  Each of these can work well for the right practice – or be a disaster if it’s in conflict with the true nature of the practice. 


  • Professional
  • Exclusive
  • Academic
  • Fun and Playful
  • Warm and Nurturing
  • Technical or Geeky
  • Aloof and Distant
  • Quiet and Focused
  • Dignified and Serious

As you read each example, think about what it would “feel” like to interact with your practice if that were its personality.   Is this what you want your clients to feel?
Does the personality of your practice match what you want your clients to perceive about your practice?  If not, define or describe the Brand Personality that you want and then take the needed steps to bring your practice in-line with what you want to project. It can be an important step in aligning your practice with your goals.