Lightbulb Moments – What a Difference a New Thought Can Make

light-buld-momentEver had a lightbulb moment?  One of those times where the truth was staring you in the face but right up until the “light clicked on”, you just didn’t see it?

Sometimes you just need a “slap on the head” to get it.  Not a real slap, of course; but something in your experience that you hear or see that brings – in almost an instant – crystal clarity to the impact of a long-held, hidden belief.

Like a moment of sudden insight, when you recognize what’s been staring you in the face all along.

Take this example from a new client; one who initially was not going to become my client because she didn’t…well, she didn’t want to spend the money.

I made an off-hand comment and all of a sudden she realized something she had been doing for years and how it was holding her back.

Like many, she prided herself on being careful with her money.  Deals, discounts, waiting for the sale and paying the cheapest price possible was her practice.  She viewed most things as a commodity.

If you’ve ever heard T. Harv Eker, Author of “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” speak, or seen him on NBC’s Today Show, you’ve heard him say “How you do anything is how you do everything.”  What this meant for my client was that those kinds of money habits permeated all aspects of her life.

In fact, during our initial conversation when she talked about her income and her clients, she lamented that she had too many clients that weren’t paying her full fee and a lot more than she ever intended who were paying fees from her sliding scale.

She was attracting into her practice people with the same traits as her own! Seekers of deals, discounts, sales and the cheapest price.

Unfortunately, it was translating into a lot of work for her but not enough income to fully cover her needs.

Like many of her clients:

  • she had identified that she had a problem (not enough income from her private practice)
  • she had tried on her own to resolve it but didn’t have the success she wanted
  • the problem was not improving and it was getting in the way of her enjoyment of her life and of her ability to achieve her other goals
  • and worst of all, it had gotten to the point of making her miserable; she was starting to think she should just give up on earning more because it couldn’t be solved

And now, she had found a resource (working with me), but she didn’t want to pay for it.

Without even thinking I just blurted out:

“How are you ever going to sell that idea to a client if you won’t do it yourself?”

In a flash, she got it.

You can’t sell an idea you don’t believe in yourself.

She wanted her clients to pay her full fee in exchange for her help in resolving a problem that was troubling their lives, yet she was not willing to make that same decision – or commitment – for herself.

Sound familiar?

Are you standing in your own way, holding yourself back from achieving your goals?

If you know you deserve more from your private practice, it’s up to you to take the action that will get you there.  Use the form below to contact me and I’ll talk with you about the steps you can take to grow your practice.

You can do this.

You just have to want the change more than you want to stay where you are right now.


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