Put Power Behind Your 2012 Goals!

MY Year To Make It Happen!Last week I promised you three strategies for a great start to 2012.

Here are the three strategies plus an invitation to step up, create a bold goal, and really go for it in 2012.

At the end of this article, you’ll have the opportunity to get a worksheet to guide you through taking your first step.

Three Strategies to Grow Your Practice

This year, start by taking the helicopter view. It’s easy to get caught up with daily tasks that, while important, are more maintenance than growth activities. If you really want this year to be different, you’ll have to get in the helicopter and view what you are doing from there.

Let go of “should” and “ought to” goals.
While loyalty to past initiatives is fine, a sense of obligation for long-forgotten reasons can drag you down, especially when you have no excitement or eager sense of anticipation for achieving them. Don’t allow old or outdated goals to sap your energy. Instead, start with a “clean slate” and focus on what you want for yourself now.

Focus on life changes, not resolutions.
There’s a reason most people have forgotten their drive to achieve a resolution by the time March rolls around. It’s the tendency to load up your list of resolutions based on your annual review of “things I wish weren’t so”. This year, try focusing on a single life or business change that will bring the most desired difference to your situation.

Identify what you really want and go for that, not the watered down version of what you think is reasonable.
Muzzle that voice in your head and give yourself the opportunity to really explore what you want. Nothing is impossible. The problem is that most people are so adept at digging up reasons why they can’t or shouldn’t do something that they never get around to exploring the possibilities of it. Don’t worry about all that must be done to get there. Everything starts with a first step and no matter what your dream, you can take the first step today.


This is a big question that will determine your priorities for the next twelve months, so take a moment – from the helicopter view – and consider this.

It’s a New Year and you have a clean slate.  Today is the day to take the action that will make this year different.

Your Invitation
I invite you to join me in inaugurating 2012 for yourself as “My Year to Make It Happen!”

If you want to achieve big, bold dreams; if you are ready to step forward into a bigger, more confident/capable “you”; if the time just feels right for finally doing it (however you define “it”)…

Then let’s get right to the first step now!

You’ll start by telling me which of the three statements below best describes where you are right now (in this moment) and then I’ll guide you, based on where you are, through the first few steps to help you get on track.

Knowing where you are now allows me to give you the most relevant information.

Select from these three choices:

A   I need help identifying where I want to put my focus in 2012.

B    I know where I want to focus; I need help getting started or in
pulling all the pieces together.

C    I know where I want to focus and I already have a great
start/plan. I want to power-charge what I’m doing and get more
mileage with less effort. Forget pushing forward to achieve! I’d
like resources, connections and top strategies to pull me
effortlessly forward to my dreams.

Need help deciding?

Tips to help you decide:

- Select A above if you do not have clarity on what you
want or how to get there. You might also select this choice if
you are new or fairly new in business; if you don’t yet have a lot
of clients; or if the things you’ve done before have not “worked”
and you want a fresh start.

- Select B above if you have been in business for two or
more years, you have a track record of reaching your goals and
you would like support and thoughtful discussion on pulling
things together for 2012. This is also a great choice if you do
not have an accountability buddy and you want to “talk through”
your plans.

- Select C above if you have been in business for a number
of years and you have achieved a level of success which you now
wish to leverage to achieve at a higher income level; or move in
a different direction with yourself or your practice; or uplevel
into a celebrity or leadership role in your niche, industry,
community, etc. Select this choice if your income has passed
six figures and you want someone with whom you can
talk in-depth, confidentially and powerfully.

Scroll back up now and make your selection and I’ll send you the worksheet for taking your first step.