Random Marketing = Random Results

I am a participant on several discussion lists. It never ceases to amaze me the random approach some folks take to marketing their business. On some lists, whenever someone mentions that they used a particular tactic, the emails start to fly with questions about cost, suppliers, etc. Rarely is there a discussion on effectiveness and almost never are there comments on target markets, messages or client benefits.

Jumping on the bandwagon because everyone else seems to be doing it or because someone’s idea created a lightbulb moment for you is no reason to toss good sense aside and start throwing money at random marketing ideas.

Do you really need a yellow page ad? Is that actually where your prospect goes first to look for your type services?

Are post cards the way to go? Who are you going to mail them to?

I had a new client comment the other day that their expensive television ad campaign last fall didn’t yield a single new client.

No planning. No measurements. The results should have been no surprise.

Random marketing sometimes yields ZERO results, and chances are, you’re going to spend a bundle learning that lesson if you chase after someone else’s approach instead of planning for your own success.

Remember, these are the FIRST questions to ask:

  1. Who are you trying to attract? (target market or niche)
  2. What are you REALLY selling? (benefits of your service)

Use this information to develop WHAT you want to convey (right marketing message to the right audience), THEN you can start evaluating how best to get the word out.