Are You Reaching Out to Referral Sources?

You have to take action to get more referrals.Do your referral sources know what’s new at your practice?   If you are offering a new service, have new equipment or are working with a new colleague or partner, sharing this news is a good opportunity for reaching out to your referral sources and keeping them abreast.

Your “news” can generate immediate new referrals or create a bit of buzz among the groups that are likely to refer to you.  More important, it keeps you on their radar screen while at the same time letting them know that new things are happening in your practice.

Sure, getting to the top of someone’s referral list takes more than just keeping that person abreast of what’s happening in your practice.  But keeping in touch with relevant news is a great way to make sure you don’t slip to the bottom – or worse, fall off their list of places they refer their clients.