Remind Me Again What You Do?

You’ve probably received a few of these from folks you’ve met over the last year or so. One of those business cards that is “elegant in its simplicity“.  Name.  Phone number.  Email.

But what does the person DO?

When you come across this card several months from now, you likely won’t remember. It will end up in the trash.

Sure, you could jot a note on it.

Is a prospective client going to think – or bother - to take that extra step?

This is turning into a pet peeve of mine.

Come on. Enough with the elegance. Design a card that tells a story. Design a card that can be passed along. Design a card that reminds people of their need for your services.

You need a card that can do its job.

Use our Business Card Checklist and evaluate your own business card.

Oh, and by the way…tell your Mom what you do. Here’s an interesting article about an attorney whose Mom “just didn’t know.”

Who Are You and What the Heck Do You Do?

by Timothy M. Houston, Area Director NYC Outer Boroughs Region