Spending, Spending, Spending…

Are you spending too much money on things in your business – or life – without even thinking about it? I’m not talking about “ways to save by cutting costs” (which is not a bad thing). I’m talking about paying for more than you need – or for things you don’t even want – without thinking about it.

Sort of like letting money drip out of your pocket from a hole you could easily sew up.

Like getting the top of the line plan for your cell phone when you don’t even use all the extra features. Or paying membership dues when you’ve long since stopped participating. Or subscribing to one of those “Of the Month” clubs when there hasn’t been anything exciting in those monthly subscription boxes for the last four months.

I could go on but you get the idea.

Here’s an article I came across online that talks about five areas in which the author is mindlessly spending. Maybe you’ll see yourself in here somewhere.

5 Things I’m Spending Too Much Money on and How I’m Going to Stop

In any event, when you’re paying this month’s bills, take a moment to consider what you could discontinue, downsize or let go.

You might discover new funds for something you would much rather be doing, like marketing your practice to get new clients, increase your revenues…and then subscribe to all that stuff again with more time to really enjoy it.

Here’s to finding new money to market your practice!