Still Waiting for Clients to Show Up On Your Doorstep?

Spinning Your WheelsI’ve noticed that some folks take the approach that, having hung out their shingle, the next thing to do is wait for the clients to “show up”. They make the rounds to visit traditional referral sources, dropping off brand new brochures and business cards. They spend time networking with colleagues…and they wait. And, wait.

These also tend to be the people who shudder at the thought of promoting themselves.

Sometimes they call former employers and ask for referrals. Sometimes they talk to their ministers about getting referrals from the church. Sometimes they even get a little creative and do a talk or presentation to a group that has no potential clients or referral sources, but since their purpose is just to “get the word out” about their practice, to them that’s okay.

In short, these folks do everything but get serious about marketing their practice by learning what it takes, doing the planning and then implementing a series of strategically selected steps to promote their business.

Instead, they keep spinning in the same place and going no-where.

Aren’t you glad that’s not you? Go ahead and login and take a look at the resources here. You’ll find plenty of information to help you get started marketing your private practice. You can build the practice of your dreams with a little planning and then taking the right action.

Kudos to you for being here!