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Ask Dianne: Relocating a Practice Without Losing Patients

“How can I relocate my dental practice without losing my patients?” I get this question most often from dentists, though sometimes from psychotherapists and chiropractics.

The answer includes many components, and as you might imagine, planning ahead is key. Grab a pen and note pad, there’s a lot to consider…

Ten Management Practices to Axe

While it’s usually the big corporations that have way too many policies in place, it sometimes happens with smaller businesses as well. Here are ten managemenet practices that really need to go…(click the title to read more…)

Check Your Pricing Savvy

Pricing your services is a task many find challenging. If you don’t know your value proposition, you are probably underpricing and leaving huge amounts of money on the table. Copying what your competitors are doing may not be a smart move.

Increase Your Cash Flow in 30 Days

What a difference between today and the financial times just a few years ago. Many are feeling frustration and lack of control over the cash flow in their business. However, things may be better for you than you imagine.

Even if your business is slowing down, chances are you have pockets of forgotten cash lying around, available for the plucking. It has simply not been collected yet. You may even have overlooked it!