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Is your Brand Personality Attracting Clients?

The personality of your practice can be attractive and help pull clients in…or it could be a deterrent and push people away. Which is happening with your practice? When your brand personality is aligned with your goals, it’s easier for potential clients to see themselves working with you to resolve their issue. Here are a few tips for getting started…

Analyze Your Competitors in Five Minutes

Use this simple technique to analyze your competitors and identify market opportunities in five minutes. You’ll be able to quickly identify low-hanging fruit and at the same time avoid investing in easily identifiable losers. Based on how you want to position yourself in the market, you will be able to avoid losing the connection between…

Speed Stuns

Response times in today’s busy world can be the difference between standing out from the crowd and a lost opportunity. Here’s what one person does to make a real impact and how you can do it, too.

A Wow! Practice Gives More Value

Value – like beauty – is in the eye of the beholder. “What am I getting for my money?” is the unspoken question your clients are asking. Use this guide to add real value to your practice…(click title to read full article)

A Day In The Life

Your clients spend their days having bad service experiences. Follow this client around for a day then take a look at your own practice. What can you improve? (…click the title to read the full article…)

Creating a “Wow! Practice” – Three Secrets to Success”

Clients can’t always assess your professional skills, but they do know when they’re receiving a “Wow! service – and they don’t just simply return for it again – they tell all their friends and associates about you, too. Word-of-mouth at it’s best! (…click the article title to continue reading more…)