The Power of “…or Something Better”


Looking for an easy way to start seeing bigger results? Sometimes simplicity makes the biggest difference.

I got an email from Joe Vitale the other day. In the email, he outlined his “Seven Ways to Make 2011 Amazing”.

The first strategy he listed is to “Set Intentions”.

Following his commentary on setting intentions, he offered this tip:



Tip: To get out of the ego’s trap of thinking in terms of limitations, add “this or something better” to each intention.

Example: “I intend to increase my income in 2011 by 50%, or something better.”

Give it a try. Write down a goal that you have – maybe your income goal – and then read it. Now, add the words “or something better” to the end and read it again. Notice the difference?

“…or something better” can be the start of a whole new perspective on what you think is possible.