Looking for Credibility Boosters? Try Using Articles…


Authoritative articles are a great tool for establishing credibility with potential clients. Presented as a White Paper, Special Report or Case Study, your in-depth article is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your grasp of the subject as well as the various solutions or options that are available for addressing the matter.

You undoubtedly have a vast amount of information at your fingertips that potential as well as current clients would find highly valuable because it is on a topic in which their own knowledge is limited.

Select topics of significant interest to your target market. Consider topics on which good information is hard to find or on which the available information is too broad-brush (i.e., not enough information to fully understand or take action).

There are many ways to give your article, Special Report or White Paper a flair that adds credibility and establishes you as an expert.

  • Use your own observations, business experience and research to present a fresh perspective and approach.
  • Offer ideas that are not seen everywhere.
  • Delve deeper into a solution that isn’t readily understood.
  • Present a contrarians viewpoint.
  • Cover details that others leave out.
  • Be the first to fully explain a new issue or solution opportunity.
  • Create checklists, forms, worksheets or other tools to make your content actionable.
  • Provide an update on legal trends, cases, issues, etc.
  • Dissect a well-know success story, or alternatively, provide a review of “what to avoid”.

These are just a few ideas for different approaches to take.

Have your article professionally formatted and reproduced with your logo on high quality paper. Enclose it with your follow-up letters to prospective clients or include it with your welcome package. Make it available by request after giving a speech. Use it with current clients to trigger inquiries for new or additional services.

An article is a great way to establish your expertise. Take the knowledge that you have and turn it into a high-value Special Report or White Paper. Once you have written one article, the second one becomes easier.

With an article as your calling card, you are on your way to more clients!