Are You Visible to Your Prospective Clients?

From a marketing perspective, visibility means that when potential clients need your type services you are already on their radar screen or you “show up” on their radar screen with little effort on their part to find you.

This means that your marketing efforts have already placed you where they will look when they are ready to purchase your type services.

How do you know if you are visible?

Some people make the mistake of thinking visibility means that friends, family and colleagues know they have a practice and know how to contact them. While this is certainly a plus, a sustainable practice must be able to pull new clients from the general masses (within your target market). This means people the practitioner does not know.

Visibility means being where your client “hangs out” (online and offline), it’s being where your client is likely to look/go/search when they are ready to find someone who offers your type services. Notice the focus on where your “clients” hang out, not where your colleagues hang out.

You can be “visible” in person, in print or online.

For some people visibility conjures up thoughts of networking events. When was the last time you went to a networking event and could look around the room and see a roomful of potential clients? It probably wasn’t yesterday. Most people go to networking events to hand out business cards to what amounts to colleagues and associates. While this can be helpful, it is not the kind of visibility to which I am referring.

Visibility means your prospective client can see you, touch you, and easily reach out to you when they need your type services.

This is why it’s so important to clearly identify your target market and to understand their needs. Without this information you have no way of knowing where your ideal client is likely to look for you and your services, making it difficult to “be there” when they come looking.

Visibility should be a key factor in your marketing plan. When you are visible to your target audience, you can avoid spending time and dollars on marketing tactics that won’t bring you to the attention of the people you most want to serve.

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