Your Business Can’t Grow Any More Than You Do

boy-measuring-height300Ouch!  That’s what my colleague said when she previewed this post.  “It’s the truth” she says “…but it sure hurts to read it.”

Okay, so read ahead at your own risk, but know this…

The risk is all on your side, because reading this just might get you to step out of your comfort zone and take the action that’s really needed to get your business growing.

It starts below…

Your Business Can’t Grow Any More Than You Do

Marketing is more about knowing “who you really are” than it is about anything else. That’s because it’s “you” who makes the choices, it’s “you” who rules out options, it’s “you” who doesn’t have time…and it’s you who is or is not willing to get out of your comfort zone.

In other words, any stuck point in your life was brought to you by “you”.  After all, it’s you who put on the brakes.

Now before you start to protest, let’s be frank.

Not knowing who you really are is a handicap. Your business cannot grow any more than you do and where you are now is a reflection of what you have and have not been willing to do (including learning and/or doing something different from what you already know and/or are doing).

So, if you are up for a change, if you really do want to grow your business, (and if you are on my mailing list) watch your email.  I’ll be announcing a marketing program that just might be your ticket out of that comfort zone and into your dream business.

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