Results You Can Expect

The two biggest questions my clients have are:

  • How do I get more clients?
  • How do I get more referrals?

Perhaps you have these questions, too.  I’ve found over the years that when a practitioner isn’t  getting the clients or referrals that they want it’s because of one or more of these factors:

  • There is no system in place.
  • They try random things, don’t measure results and don’t know what worked and what didn’t – often giving up too early on a good strategy or staying too long with a bad strategy.
  • They get so caught up on being the provider that they aren’t wearing their marketing hat and they have not yet learned that marketing is the driver of their business, not the service they provide (it doesn’t matter how good you are if nobody knows you exist).

This approach leads to revenues at lower levels than desired because money falls through the cracks in the form of:

  • Insufficient flow of new clients.
  • Missed and cancelled appointments.
  • Poor financial policies that are inconsistently followed.
  • Reluctance to set expectations and then hold clients accountable for keeping their agreements.

So, how to resolve this?

These items are usually a symptom of a mindshift that is needed in order for the owner to step into being and thinking like a CEO rather than a service provider. This is a huge shift that for some, is not easy to make, but it is at the core of any real and lasting change in your practice that you want to take place.  It’s often been said that “your business can only grow as much as you do.”

The results you can expect from working with me are:

  • A shift in your mindset that allows you to make the decisions and take the actions that will propel your practice forward;
  • A deeper understanding of marketing and how it impacts every aspect of your practice;
  • The confidence and know-how to make the decisions that form the foundation for your practice and your marketing initiative;
  • Prescribed action steps with measurable results.

And that results in your ability to get more clients/patients and build your practice so that it provides you with the income and lifestyle that you most desire.

If you are ready to step into being the CEO of your practice and to build your practice so it can provide you with the income you desire,  contact me and we’ll schedule a Business Strategy Session to talk about how you can make it happen.

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