Services Offered

Get More Clients – Increase Your Income – Grow Your Practice

I offer a suite of services that blend coaching and consulting to help you:

  • clarify what you want for your practice
  • lay out a plan to achieve it; and then,
  • implement the plan in manageable steps, with accountability and course correcting built-in.

Because I know that each business owner is different and that everyone has their own style and preferences – as well as their own goals and reasons – together we’ll discuss what’s right for you based on your desired outcome(s), your time frame and your personal style and preferences in getting things done.

Services Offered


I work one-on-one with individual clients in the areas of increasing practice income, getting more clients and, for those who have already achieved a certain level of success, looking ahead to new opportunities with your private practice.  Many find that through working with a coach, you can accomplish much more in a shorter time period than you could on your own.   My work with each client is private, confidential and custom-tailored, under the umbrella of The 180-Day Practice Growth Plan.  Click to find a full description of Coaching With Dianne Dawson. To inquire about Coach/Consulting with me, contact me to arrange a phone call.

Business Planning

Planning for the success and direction of your business. You may elect to work one-on-one with me or include your board or your management team.  Your focus may be on one of the areas shown below.  If the topic on which you want to focus is not on the list, please inquire.

    • Vision – Develop or Refine the Vision for Your Company
    • SWOT Analysis
    • Strategic Planning

Facilitated Brainstorming

Facilitated brainstorming session for your business, bringing together you and up to 7 people (minimum 3 plus yourself) to generate fresh ideas around a business scenario on which you are working.  You select the participants from your roster of colleagues, partners, employees and business associates, inviting 3-7 people that you believe would be a good fit for this confidential business building session.

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Examples of how you might use a Facilitated Brainstorming session:

    • An old problem in need of a fresh approach
    • Creating new opportunities for your business
    • Fleshing out a problem to understand the full impact on the business
    • Revitalizing  your sales approach
    • Exploring new markets
    • Generating new product or service ideas
    • Updating your marketing initiatives
    • Brainstorming for decision-making; talking through a “go/no go” scenario

Facilitated Brainstorming is also available one-on-one working individually with me if you prefer a higher level of privacy for your brainstorming.

To inquire, please contact me to arrange a phone call.

Integrity Day

We all have things we’ve put off doing. It may be a task that needs completion, a project you need to start, a matter that needs to be handled, or just plain paperwork. Whatever it is, you’ve put it off and not completing it is bothering you, making you feel out of Integrity with your goals, your values and the promises you’ve made to yourself.

Want to get things done?  Schedule an Integrity Day!  It’s like having an energized work session with support and encouragement from others, all from the privacy of your own office or home.  Integrity Day is the best way I know to tackle something that needs to get done.  It’s fun, it’s fast and it’s unbelievably effective.

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Once your Integrity Day is scheduled, here’s what happens next:

    • Pick your project(s) for the day. It might be one big thing, several small things, or getting started on something major.
    • Call in at the top of the designated hour (as outlined in the instruction email that you will receive)*.
    • You’ll be joining a small group of people who have the same goals as you do – to get those items off their “to-do” list.
    • This call will last from 5-8 minutes, with me as your host.
    • During the first call, we’ll meet each other and state our goals for the hour.
    • Then, everyone hangs up and gets started on their tasks!
    • At the end of the hour, call in again.
    • This time, you’ll report on your progress, sharing your wins/results, and what your plans are for the next hour.
    • There’s a lot of energy on these check-in calls. You’ll be surprised at your results.
    • Once we’re done with the check-ins (about five minutes), we all hang up and continue working.
    • We continue this process for four calls, with the last call being a wrap-up call.
    • That’s four hours of work, with one kick-off call and four short “check-in” calls to keep you motivated and going to completion.
    • Join us for all five calls, or only one or two if that’s all you need to get your tasks completed.
    • It’s fun. It’s energizing. And it works!

* Please note that your long distance carrier charges may apply when you make the call.

Click here to view a sample list of the kinds of projects that have been addressed during Integrity Day. (Click again to close)

    • Catch-up on email, letters or other correspondance
    • Make/return phone calls
    • Start/finish that report
    • Catch-up on your documentation
    • Update your website
    • Plan a project, write a speech, start writing that book
    • Get the first few steps done on a major project
    • Get your desk cleaned off
    • Get your files organized
    • Re-arrange your office
    • Catch-up on your record keeping/accounts payable/accounts receivables
    • Review product brochures for possible purchase(s)
    • Research a service you’re seeking
    • Brainstorm new product or service ideas to implement
    • Find a Virtual Assistant
    • Learn that new software program
    • Handle a multitude of “little things”
    • Add your items to this list!

Website Review

If you are wondering how to get more clients from your website, schedule a Website Review.  I’ll walk you through your website and show you the problem areas that are stopping people from calling you.  Sometimes the reason is surprising – and simple to fix.  We’ll also take a look at your website statistics, plus, you’ll get my New Client Conversion Path chart that describes the path your website visitors take to become a client.  To inquire about your Website Review, please contact me to arrange a phone call.

45-Minute Practice Growth Strategy Session (free)

The confidential, private Practice Growth Strategy Session allows you to explore coach/consulting as an option during a highly focused conversation about your private practice.  Many people use the session to gain a deeper clarity on what they want for their practice and what’s needed to achieve it.

Prior to our session, you will receive a short questionnaire that will help you start thinking in a different way about your practice and what you want to achieve.  This shift in thinking is often pivotal to the success that you hope to achieve.

During the call, we’ll strategize around your business, identify obstacles as well as opportunities and I’ll share with you my insights.

We’ll also get to know each other and, if you determine that coaching is for you and you would like to proceed, you’ll know if we are a good “fit” for working together.

Whether or not we decide to work together, you’ll leave the session refreshed, with a new sense of clarity and direction for growing your private practice.

To request a complimentary Practice Growth Strategy Session, please complete the form below and I will send you a personal email to arrange for your session:

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