More Web Design Tips

 Here are 13 quick tips for creating a website that works for your visitors:

  1. Design for the lowest common denominator – everyone does not have a high speed connection
  2. Make sure your graphics load fast
  3. Avoid home pages that take a long time to load
  4. Use page dimensions that eliminate the need to scroll from left to right
  5. Keep the length of pages to one and one half sheets of typing paper when printed
  6. Write using thought bites and bullets
  7. Minimize the number of different fonts
  8. Avoid typing words in all caps, heavy use of bold or multiple exclamation points – it’s as if you were screaming at the reader
  9. Develop a consistent “look and feel” for each page
  10. Put your most important info “above the scroll”
  11. Avoid requiring plug-ins for significant content
  12. Have links to other sites pop-up in new windows
  13. Make sure your pages are designed to meet their goals

Use the tips in this article and you are on your way to an effective website that will help you to attract more clients.

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