Private Coaching with Dianne Dawson

Is This You?

You’re the busy owner of a private practice with a lot on your plate. With so much to do in running your practice and providing your service on a day-to-day basis, you hardly have time to step back and work ON the business (not just in it), much less do any strategically planned marketing.  And yet, you know you need to do this if your business is going to grow and provide you with the income that you had planned.

You’ve achieved a level of success, but it’s not where you had hoped to be.

You really need someone with considerable business know-how and marketing savvy who can help you figure out what to tweak in your practice that’s going to add to your bottom line, and how to market your practice so you can meet your revenue goals.

You want viable ideas, smart strategies, collaboration on doable action plans and savvy support from a Coach/Consultant who “gets” your practice and understands where you are trying to go with it – and who is committed to helping you get there.

You’re ready for a shift in mindset that allows you to make the decisions and take the actions that will propel your practice forward; and you are ready to take those actions because you know that the results you want won’t happen without your action – and you are committed to making it happen…

Because failing to achieve your dreams is just not in your plans.

I work with self-employed professionals who have been in business for two or more years (or savvy start-up practitioners) who want more from their practice than they are getting today. Below are the most popular issues on which I work with clients, all of which can lead to improved profits if you are willing to challenge your comfort zone and implement the strategies we develop, as prescribed:

  • Increasing Revenues
  • Getting More Clients
  • Getting More Referrals
  • Leveraging Internal Marketing Programs
  • Developing a Competitive Advantage
  • Addressing the Question of “What’s Next” For Your Business

We’ll develop, implement, monitor and tweak a customized set of action steps based on what you want to achieve and we’ll measure your results so you will know what works and what doesn’t.

If you are ready to take action and see results, contact me and let’s arrange an appointment for a complimentary Business Strategy Session (no fee, no obligation).

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