LinkedIn for Business – Making it Work For You

LinkedIn for Business - Making It Work for You

While you may not fill your private practice with clients from LinkedIn, LinkedIn does have a place in marketing your practice and building your business. When you take advantage of the features and benefits, LinkedIn can bring you new ideas, new experiences, new colleagues and friends…and, new clients as well.

Why Building Your Practice With Referrals Doesn’t Work Like It Used To

Using referrals to grow a private practice does not work like it used to work.

Getting referrals used to be one of the proven – and almost guaranteed – ways to grow a professional practice. Not so today! Today’s consumer is very different from the consumer of yesterday. They expect to take a much more active role in both the decision to seek services and the choice of whom to select to provide those services, even when they get a referral.

So, what do you need to do to increase the likelihood that the consumer will accept the referral and schedule an appointment? Here are a few suggestions…

Ask! It’s the Easiest Market Research to Get More Clients

Psychologists, LCSW, counselors and therapists can do easy market research to get more clients in their private practice.

Having trouble knowing what makes you different or how you stand out? Ask your clients.

Market research gives you high-value information for developing the right strategy for getting more new clients in your private practice. Don’t just guess at what’s important. Find out what works directly from the person who knows best…your clients.