Developing Your Rainmaking Skills

Two people shaking hands in agreement.One usually thinks of a legal or consulting firm when the term “Rainmaker” comes up.

Historically, the Rainmaker is the person who generates most of the new business for the firm. The one who is best known for bringing in new clients, big accounts or more orders.

The “rain”, of course, is the dollars this new business brings to the company.


Being in private practice, you’ll want a Rainmaker for your business, too. Perhaps it will be you.

Developing the skills of a Rainmaker can be a real asset for your practice. If you’re thinking “that’s not me”, take another look. It may be easier than you think.

Here’s a quick look at the reasons why this can be a key link to your success:

  • a steady flow of new clients or patients
  • referral sources that routinely send new clients or patients
  • the kind of cases you want to work on

Now that you know what the value is, start with these six keys to rainmaking success.